• Hannah ML

    Hannah ML

    Most likely to be late to class with an iced coffee and loud opinions

  • Julia Jordan

    Julia Jordan

    a genuine soul seeking beauty, and trying to create some of my own through writing. GFU’22

  • Romare Ashford

    Romare Ashford

  • Hayley Bolan

    Hayley Bolan

    Just an empathetic woman; trying to figure out this crazy life. Coffee keeps me sane and kindness is what I run on 😊 Insta: Thoughts_Of_Color

  • white stripe

    white stripe

    just hoping to make it somewhere, somehow, someway.

  • Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Stock-market investor, battle-scarred entrepreneur, and fireside philosopher. Creator of Investor’s Handbook: https://medium.com/the-investors-handbook

  • Vcoscarelli


    senior @ gfu w/out a single clue

  • Genevieve Wolf

    Genevieve Wolf

    Writing a blog for a class…it’s going to be an adventure! Follow me on Twitter @ggracewolf or send me a note: gwolf18@georgefox.edu.

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